Torpedo Attack Toy/Game, Allstate Engineering Service, Dayton, Ohio, Original Box, Pre-War, 1940, Vintage

Excellent to near mint condition! One of a kind PRE-WAR toy! Torpedo Attack a test of skill, Thrilling Fascinating Educational & Simple, Hours of fun for all. An Engineered AllState Product. Manufactured by Allstate Engineering Service, Dayton, Ohio, 1940. Complete to my knowledge (one plastic sleeve is possibly missing) - Exploding plastic boat base, heavy cardstock boat deck, two plastic deck turrets, one plastic sleeve, plastic boat upper hull, plastic submarine with torpedo launching mechanism, aluminum torpedo. This is an extremely rare, one of a kind toy - most of them broke after a few explosions due to stresses arising from the spring loaded action and were thrown away by their owners. The box is in very good to excellent condition with one damaged corner and a side taped by a previous owner. Included on a list of antique/vintage/rare games issued in the United States.

Allstate Engineering Service
2305 Salem Ave., Dayton 6 OH
P ~1940 Torpedo Attack